Past & Present.

Investor, Entrepreneur, Creator.
We helped Sahil Bloom grow his Instagram following from 0-100,000 followers in 10 weeks. We achieved this by editing footage from podcasts Sahil had appeared on, and by repurposing his powerful Twitter threads and newsletters into scripts. Through regular experimentation, we perfected the style of Sahil’s content, in a way that resonated with his audience and allowed us to reach our goal six weeks early.
YouTuber, Podcaster, Entrepreneur.
We worked with Ali Abdaal for 3 years, and owned every part of his social media strategy. Ali knew that his time was best spent creating YouTube videos, and wanted his long-form videos and newsletters to be repurposed across platforms. This bought him time to focus on writing his new book.

From writing Twitter threads that went viral, to launching his TikTok, we independently grew Ali's personal brand as his influence grew as a recognised online educator.

From 20,000 to 800,000...

INSTAGRAM: 15,000 -> 400,000

TWITTER: 0 -> 190,000

TIKTOK: 0 -> 105,000

LINKEDIN: 3,000 -> 60,000

FACEBOOK: 3,000 -> 37,000

chris williamson
Host of Modern Wisdom.
Modern Wisdom is the UK's No.1 Society & Culture podcast. We've worked with Chris since 2020, repurposing Modern Wisdom's 3x podcast episodes per week, and Chris' weekly newsletter, into different types of content to grow his personal brand on Instagram, Twitter and previously TikTok.
jORDAN and mikhaila Peterson
Clinical Psychologist, Speaker, Author // Podcaster, CEO.
We were responsible for the production of Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts for The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast and The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast. We also edited videos that were reactive to trending global news, alongside editing Jordan's archives of lectures that his audience hadn't seen before.
Global text-to-speech app.
We managed both Speechify's organic social media strategy and personal branding for their CEO Cliff Weitzman. Working around his busy schedule as he scaled Speechify towards 100 employees, we posted every day for Cliff from repurposing existing podcasts and interviews we found online to the latest videos on his YouTube channel.

Our Story.

The story behind Amplify.

August 2019
Our founder Joe lands a freelancing gig for YouTuber Ali Abdaal after bonding over Tim Ferriss and the creator economy.
September 2020
There's a clear problem: the brightest minds don't have the time to share their knowledge online. We start to work with CEOs to grow their personal brands.
1st May 2021
Amplify is born. Creators need to focus their time on being the visionaries behind their brand. Founders need to grow their businesses. An efficient solution is required to own the strategy and delivery of their marketing.
The creator economy is booming and the opportunities are endless for your personal brand and business. It’s time to double down.
Alongside our done-for-you services, we're set to launch an Academy of digital products and courses to grow creators all over the world.

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